Creating your own masks


Ok so how many of you have a Cricut machine or some sort of diecut machine! I actually love my cricut because I make my own masks and stencils.
I use cardstock but you could use acrylic or overlays if you wanted

The beauty of the Cricut is that I can cut onto a 12x12 page which when misting is awesome because it covers the page entirely meaning you only get the images you have cut out misted onto your page. But if you have a different machine that doesn't cut this size you can just move the image around but remember to cover the rest of your page with something else like scrap paper as you often see the line of the paper as well as your image!

So here is an example. I cut out some various size hearts into some cardstock. I then place it over my background paper, place in a misting box and spray!
i love building my layers on my backgrounds with mist and paints so this is a great way to start an interesting background.

Here is the stencil.....


Here is the end result....


Then you can also use the actual images you cut out to mask areas.....


the end result.....


so there you go.....imagine the possibilities for masks now!
Would love to see some of your masks now!!!

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