A Spearmint Leaves "Collaborative Layout" - with Kate & Alex (age 7)


Good morning everyone,

The layout I'm sharing today is a little bit close to my heart! Earlier this week, I had pulled out a couple of pieces from the Spearmint Leaves scrap kit & had chosen to scrap a photo of our two extra family members - Dikke Knuffel (my eldest son Alex's beloved teddy bear) and Rabbit (my youngest son's favourite toy). Both toys were given to them by their Oma on the day they were born. Now, because it is school holidays in Victoria, Alex was home from school & as soon as he saw the photo selected, he asked could he help me with the layout. Now, I must admit, I was a little nervous, because I knew that I planned to use this one on a blog post. But really, how could I say no! And so, our collaborative layout was born!

I really wanted to use the "cherish" word, because, these toys are absolutely cherished. Alex chose to include the "Best Friends" - and so our title was born. I loved that piece of Basic Grey paper, but we decided to add a little arrow stamping to the top and the bottom for a little bit more interest (Mum had to fix up the stamping at the top a little, when things went a little skewed!). I also wanted to add a little detail about time, and so  I repeatedly stamped a lovely round stamp from my stash, on the background, that has the months & days to indicate a year. To me, it worked beautifully with the sentiment of the layout, because they have been loved every day of each year my kids have been alive. 

We decided to cut up some tickets from the b-side of one of the papers, one that said "cutie" and another that says "love you". Alex thought they were perfect! We also cut up an arrow strip from the beautiful Amy Tan Plus One collection paper. Gosh, I just love that collection! Then Alex chose some cut-a-parts from the Dear Lizzy sticker book. After he had added on the title, Alex practiced his journaling, then added it onto the layout & promptly made a mistake (and got all upset!). I quickly explained that it didn't matter, and that the journaling was perfect because it says what he feels. So, here's a close up of the journaling!

It was so nice to spend the time creating this together, and it was also lovely to let go of the control, and to see what happened. I simply adore this layout, not only for the content, but because of the collaboration. I really encourage you to do it with someone special in your life!

And for one final little project. I decided to make a very quick set of cards, because I needed a few quickly & didn't have much time to spend on them. I chose a simple sketch, and using the pattern papers from the Jellybeans Pocket Life kit I made a set of 5 cards in approximately 30 minutes. So, here is a photo of 3 of them together, to give you an idea. And yes, I stamped the lovely stamp from the kit on cork!! It is awesome! I love how the speech bubble looks! I can see a LOT more stamping on cork in my (that would mean our) future!

I hope you have a lovely weekend dear Polly! friends!


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  1. WOW Alex, ( oh and Kate) what a fabulous job! I love all the choices you have made. It is School holidays here in Perth, just started, and I feel inspired to try something like this with my own seven year old, Sophie, and her favourite soft toy, Blankey. I think your Mum better watch out - she might be out of a job soon with your scrapbooking talents!

    1. The grin on Alex's face when I read this was priceless! Thanks for leaving him a comment. And would you believe my 5 yr olds best friend is also Blankie! Have fun creating with Sophie. It's a lovely school holiday activity.

  2. Dear Alex,

    I am so impressed with your scrapbook layout about your beloved teddy bear. I have a teddy bear that I got when I was born (he is called Teddy) and he always made me feel special too. Maybe I will make a layout like yours to celebrate and remember him. Or maybe my son, who is 6 years old and has a bear called JayJay would like to help me, like you you helped your mum, to make one about his bear.

    I would love to know what your favourite part was when you were creating, was it choosing colours, stamping, cutting things out or maybe writing? My favourite part was your writing, I think you have very neat handwriting and you really captured what is great about a friend like Dikke Knuffel!

    All the best


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