Ideas for using punches


Okay, so this is not a tutorial as such... but I want to share with you some 'techniques', or ideas  for using punches that you may or may not have come across, or to remind you of the ones you know, so you can give them a go... with me so far???  

(sorry for the blurry photos, btw!  )

* Border punches don't have to be used just for a border. Punch out one 'punch' and leave it at that to create a 'negative' on the edge of your paper.

* use a punched shape to highlight splatters of mist or paint on your layout

* use the negative image from your punched shape and glue over co-ordinating paper to create a frame

* use the slivers of scraps that come out the bottom of your punch to add interesting details to your page

* use punched shapes to frame your title

* cut punched shapes in half (doen't have to be even halves - even better if they're not!) and flip one half over then layer together to create visual interest in a cluster. Also, trace around the inside of the negative, like a stencil for 'hand-drawn' images on your page.

* use a shape punch like a puzzle maker on your photo, to add extra interest to the page

*** I created this layout using all these ideas, to showcase them for you. These ideas are also very effective on cards.

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  1. I just found these ideas. They are very clever.


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