Daily December with Aimee - Days 10 though 15.


Happy Boxing Day! I hope you all made merry yesterday too. Christmas marks the half way point in what is a very busy time for us. The 23rd was our first wedding anniversary, the 30th is hubby's birthday and then of course there is New Years! I love scrapping and I do my best to fit it in where I can, but spare time is at a minimum right now - so I am aiming for simple but well put together pages. Today I'm sharing days 10 to 15... kinda.

This was a hard page to make for various reasons. For starters it isn't easy to admit the rate of which we are consuming candy canes. In past years we hung them on the tree but since the did not fit the colour scheme they have lived in a vase on our dining room table. Right where I scrap. *sigh* Second problem was a lack of photos taken on the 10th. This photo was the best of a bad bunch. It took a heavy crop, a filter and a light leak to bring it up to a standard I could use. Matching the papers was actually the easy part. The stripes to match the candy canes the pink dots to match the filter. The rest was just odds and ends I had lying around.

Day 11 is another really simple page. It documents our tradition of making our own christmas pudding. I die cut a scrap of pink, red and white rsvp paper from Basic Grey and layered it over white cardstock. I fussy cut a matching ornament from the Basic Grey paper in the kit and used a liberal amount of embellishments I found on my table. 10 minutes tops.

Day 12 is on hold. It was Mog's Christmas Concert. The photos on my iphone weren't up to much so I'm trying to track down a few from the other parents.

Day 13. I'm such a tech junkie. I was so stoked when I discovered my favorite iphone game had got a christmas facelift. It even snows in the background. I confess that this page has absolutely nothing from the kit, but at this point in time I was on a roll. I had very little time, but I was determined to make the most of it and pump out as many pages as possible. Did I mention I got a sewing machine for christmas?

 Day 14. I know it seems a little strange to have full length PJ pants and hot chocolate in an Australian Christmas album but the weather here in victoria has been crazy and... well... I eat marshmallows all year round. This page celebrates these awesome marshmallows we found at aldi and CJ's early gift of new PJ pants. Both these things make me insanely happy. Hence the beautiful Heidi Swapp word stickers. The black star paper and the music paper are actually B sides to some of the kit paper. Don't you hate it when you have to choose?

Day 15. This photo was taken by hubby. I was having a conversation with our cat about upcoming events as I wrote them in my diary. A little embarrassing I know, but I did say I would included more of myself in DD. I'm still looking at new and exciting ways to include my number motif. Cutting Velum in the cameo was a new experience for me along way sewing on plastic. I have got to say the Cameo is so much easier to use than the blasted sewing machine. I keep forgetting to put down the foot thingy and from there things go down hill rapidly. I like the effect of my embellishments organized in little pockets, but in future I will put the glitter in the last pocket I stitch because its near impossible to wipe it out of the other two after pouring it in.

And that about wraps it up for today. I'll be back on the 31st to show you how it all works out in the end.

Aimee xx

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