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Hello there :)

Well I have a unique little space in the house that I have to create in.  Here is a little back ground..

Originally when we renovated our house a couple of years ago, I had a dream to have a walk in wardrobe in our 100 year old Queenslander. In that walk in robe we were also going to install a spa bath as the room it self have amazing views over the great diving range. But before we installed the spa I quickly realised that I need a crafting space, so the spa bath was put off and instead I moved my scrapbooking and sewing area in there instead. ( I still use half the room for my clothes as you will see in the pictures.. it is not uncommon for me to find the odd thicker stuck to a piece of clothing)

So within this tinyish space I have been able to fit in my scrapbooking area, my sewing area for my business AND all of my clothing..

Let me show you around..

This is looking into my craft room where you can see I have two tables and have separated the areas with an additional shelf smack bang in the middle. That shelf is loaded up with scrapping goodies as I love to have close to hand..

My scrapping desk is IKEA expidit shelving unit and desk which I have now had for about 7 years! I LOVE it and love how many goodies I can fit in there so close to hand.

My awesome original 1960's swivel chair that is so comfy to sit for long scrap sessions.


So as you can see it is a little space but I have made it work for me and having the shelving really helps. Here is a close up of the goodies on my desk.

This was by far one of the BEST purchases I have ever made for my scrap space! I have so many goodies on there is it insane.. I have all my mists, roller stamps, hand punches, pens, and so many little nick knacks that I am always diving into. Here is some more of what is on my desk.

I purchased this $4 IKEA white shelf and fit all my pretty goodies that I reach for all the time.

Top right: Martha Stewart holder to fit my PL filler cards.Bottom left: Ribbon holder, turned into washi tape holder, and drawers from Bunnings that hold all my wood veener, sequins and other little goodies. 


Lately I have become a scrapper that likes to purchase whole collections . So I store them in plastic sleeves as a whole collection. I also store ( in the white tub , picture above) all my kits that I subscribe too .

I also store whole collections in these awesome large boxes that I found at Lincraft.
 Lastly I have boxes of scrapbooking collections , by manufacturer stored in my clothing shelf.. This is actually my husbands space.. NOTE.. he has three shirts hanging to the left and alllll the rest is my scrapbooking ( Poor fella)
 I hope you have enjoyed taking a peek into my little creative space. I LOVE my area and am always looking for inspiring and pretty things to add to it. It works well for me and I hope that I have shown you that you really do not need much space at all to have a little creative space that is all yours.

Much Love 

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  1. Very nice set up! TFS and have a great week! ;-)

  2. Great ideas for organizing - thanks for sharing :)

  3. Wonderful Bernii, I wish I could be as well organised as you, it must make you so much more productive!!

  4. I love your space and you have it so perfectly organized!


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