December Daily with Aimee - Days 6 though 9


If you are anything like me right about now a white Christmas seems deliriously good. I am naturally as white as the driven snow so on days like this it is best I stay indoors. I feel sorry for the people trapped inside with me though - heat waves make me grumpy. So for this very reason, I have claimed the dinning room as my own and am dedicating my day to scrapping and blogging. I'm particularly excited about the blogging part because it's been a good week for me scrap wise. Lets get down to brass tacks shall we?

Day 6 - Still suffering reditis. If you know me at all, you know I'm not a red scrapper, but I have to go where the photo's take me. This particular day I had some photo's to print at Officeworks and hubby offered to come with. This was a pretty rare event in itself, but after we arrived at Officeworks, I was waiting in line to pay, when I heard the ladies behind me talking about a twilight market in the mall. How serendipitous! We had a hour to kill before I could pick up my photos anyway.

As always the red paper is from the Polly DD kit. I punched out the confetti from the scraps of the stripe card and a tear strip from another in the kit. Then it was just simply a matter of glueing it on with the gold stars (also from the kit). Everything else is just leftovers from my strap box. I find I can get away with just scraps and the kit to finish my pages which is a nice feeling.

Day 7 - It has to be said I am one of the worlds laziest scrappers. If I can use photography as a design feature and save myself some hard work, I will. Every year in our house we have a colour theme for christmas. Last year was red and white. This year it's silver and blue. This is surprisingly important to me. I'm pretty sure I have a Martha Stewart gene gone wrong somewhere in me. Still loving our bow gift tags made with the Backwoods Christmas stamp set. It's a total fluke that my gorgeous letterpress card designed for the Polly DD kit matches. Hooray! It's still got to be one of my favorite spreads.
Day 8: Okay right about now your looking at your Polly kit and going I have that gold paper and I have that gold ribbon but where did the rest come from. Well here is the thing - It's been a REALLY good mail week for me. The freckled fawn kit arrived *cough - white clip on day 6 and blue stars on day 7* and my sweet little christmas package from Tina Aszmus arrived, which had the card you see on the top left and the twine on the 9th spread. I just can't resist playing with new toys. Umm, like my brand spanking new Silhouette Portrait. Yes I'm sorry, I can't help myself. I am die cutting everything in sight.
Day 9: This page took me all of 10 minutes. I love this photo and the irony is it was the only one I took this day. We had guests for both lunch and dinner. It was the first time I had served something we had grown in our own garden. I used more of the stunning gold and Kraft paper (there is a lot of it) to make another die cut and used some of the cute little bells out of the kit to bring it all together. On that note I have to give a big hola to my selphy printer. There is no way in hell I was going to get photos printed today. It saved so much time and effort. Now if only people would post me all my supplies... Oh wait they do! Pretty please Ruth can you send me some glue dots too :P

May you all stay safe and cool in this unpleasant weather. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and I will see on boxing day for another update. If your can't wait that long you can always stop by my instagram feed, where I publish the same day I finish them. It's not to late to get started! If you feel the desire, I know where you can get a great kit.

Aimee xx

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  1. Great pages Aimee!!! My DD is all over the place ..... I really want to print off my own pictures......such a waste of time going in to have them done at the moment....Don't even mention parking!!!!!!

  2. Amen Sue! I'm new to the whole printing at home but I'm so over going to officeworks. Ours is right in the city and the nearest free parking is Coles and even then it's hard to get a park.


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