Mini album using the May Pocket Life kit


Hi Polly! Peeps!!

I'm here today with a fun little mini album I put together using the May kits. I jumbled almost all of the kits together and used the supplies, but the majority ended up being from the Tropical Twilight May Pocket Life kit, and a little from the Trade Winds May Embellishment Kit.

Now, I actually filmed an entire process video of this mini album coming together, but sadly, my video editing program is on the fritz and will NOT let me edit at all. Since I'm sure none of you want to watch an hour and a half of me cutting paper and deciding on embellishments, I have to show you photos of the final product instead. Sorry for this!

So recently, my family and I went on a short drive to a place called Serpentine Falls. I'd never been there but heard of it many years earlier. I'm so glad we went! Such a spectacular 'waterfall' (of sorts) and some incredible nature was on display!

We took a heap of photos all in the one place for once,  (usually we only get one or two photos then the kids get restless), so I thought I'd make a mini album!

I've had mini albums on the brain for several weeks now and so it was time to get to work on one! I forgot how fun  they are and how FULFILLING it is to finish an entire album (even when they're pretty short like this one!).

I hope you like it!

 Here are the first four spreads.

You can see I used the hexagon puffy stickers throughout the pages, the journalling tags, flair, several of the acrylic see-through elements.  I even brought in little strips of the washi tape that was in the kits, as a fun  way to tie all the pages together even more.

I layered smaller 3x4 journalling cards and inserts on top of the bigger 4x6 sized ones, to bring colour and interest to the bigger pages.

By inserting smaller 3x4 cards as pages in their own right, it brings extra fun to the person looking through the album. Invites them to touch it, turn the pages, with the elements from the next page peeking through.


By leaving some open pages, I've got plenty of space to add journalling :)

I love those vellum polaroid frames, used over the top of photos, but on the previous page, so you can still turn the vellum layer over, to reveal the full, clear photo on the next. Love this peek-a-boo style!

Again, it invites the reader to keep moving through the album, by showing sneaks of what is coming :)

To keep the entire album cohesive, I made sure to keep repeating elements. The puffy stickers, that bright green, the black. Its such an easy way to ensure it all flows.

 For this next page, I wanted to do something really fun.

I took a panorama photo with my phone, then split it into three equal photos. By using some flip-it photo protectors, I was able to create a pull-out/fold-out segment in the album, that still folds in neatly with the 4x6 size.

You can see on the second photo (the bottom left), that the title photo from the panorama sits nicely as a 'normal' page within the album once the flip-it protectors have been folded away.

These last few spreads are nice and simple, as the last part of our day was too. We had a quick snack and some wild (but very tame)kangaroos hopped up to try to take advantage of the crackers we were eating! They were so beautiful and were kind enough to stay still so I could snap lots of photos!

For the last page, I wanted to keep it super simple.  I could have easily left that second last page (the one with the kraft label and the transparent/acrylic flower) as the final back cover, but I wanted to repeat the front cover, as well as have a sturdier outside to protect the album.

This entire album took about 1-1.5 hours to make (and I'm pretty slow at crafting! I overthink everything lol), it could easily take less time if you had larger photos taking up more of the pages, or if you questioned your choices less (note to self!)

I hope I've inspired you to look at your kits differently! Just because they're deisgned to work for pocket pages, doesn't mean that's all they can be used for!

See you again soon!

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  1. Wooooaaahhhh this is TOTALLY AMAZING Linda.. and that waterfall looks like a massive slip and slide.. lol..

  2. Love this mini album Linda :) It's cool to see a local spot highlighted. I've not been to those falls in a LOOOONG time, it might be a good idea to revisit the spot.

  3. Wow! Love this album Linda! Mini albums scare me! One day I'll take the plunge...


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