Giving Your Spreads That Extra Pop: Using the Embellishment Kit with Lauren


Hi Canaries, I hope that you have all had a great week and for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere you can almost feel Spring in the air!

In this post I am building on my previous Pocket Life layout that used only the Day Trip Pocket Life Kit - there are still a couple left in the store if you want to get your hands on them! To jog your memory here is my previous layout:

While I was really happy with this layout I wanted to show you that while you can still have a great layout using the Pocket Life kit alone, you can add an extra pop to your layouts using the Scrappy Canary embellishment kits. For this layout I have used Scenic Route embellishment kit - they are great value and really enhance your work. Here is a close up of my original Week card:

You can then see how the additional embellishments, like stickers, the gold arrows and veneer add additional dimension and interest to the cards:

Some of my favourite things in the embellishment kit include the fantastic Studio Fourteen40 flair, the Freckled Fawn hello speech bubbles and most of all, our very own Scrappy Canary candy dots! They are so awesome and you can buy them here in the shop - buy them in every colour! Plus also buy the candy stars - they are just as awesome! Immediately! They are an absolute bargain!

So here is my finished layout with all of the embellishments and you can see that while it still has the same overall look, it has been enhanced by all of the additions.

I also had some embellishments left over so I decided to do a layout using only the Scenic Route leftovers and some twine for hand stitching. Recently I was in hospital for a couple of weeks and every day my husband would send me a photo of the adventures of lego sheriff - it was lots of fun and kept me occupied. I wanted to capture that sense of fun in this layout.

As you can see just a few left over embellishments really made this layout! I hope you like it as much as I do. So there you have it Canaries my take on our awesome embellishment kits. Make sure you order one - they are always a sell out and I hope my layout has shown you why! Keep creating, Lauren xx

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  1. I liked the original and I love the refreshed page too!
    I also think your husband rocks for doing that while you were in hospital - what a gem! That layout is SO fun :)


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