Week 33 with Carol and the Day Trip - July Pocket Life Kit


Hi everyone!!

I hope that you are all having a fabulous Thursday.  I've spent the morning crafting!  I don't think it gets any better than that!!

I've worked with the July Pocket Life Kit - Day Trip and I've loved putting the bits and pieces together.  Week 33 is a double page spread in Design A page protectors.  I have enough left over for a layout or two, I'll share these with you in the coming weeks.   It was a relatively quiet week compared to others in our house, I'd just returned to work after being off sick for three weeks and I was still taking it very easy.

Here is my week 33 first up.  

I started by deciding which patterned paper needed to be cut down to what size and positioned them on top of my page protectors as a full spread until I had a combination that was pleasing to my eye.  I wanted to add some of the foil foil chic tags to the spread, it's no secret that I love gold and it was really easy to choose the sentiment cards that suited my week's story.  Once I was happy with what patterned paper was where I popped them into the pockets so I wouldn't forget their placement.  I had a couple of empty 4x6 pockets that I wanted to add the modified chic tags to and cut some white card stock down to fit.

I typically will work this way each week, laying a foundation and then building with my photos and stories. 

The LHS of my spread is journal heavy, which again is quite typical for a PL spread for me.  I love adding detail that I can revisit.  I spent some time recording the day to day events on the green striped 4x6 card on the bottom left.  I always include a week in review type card like this one.  Some of the little things that don't make it in to the week's spread feature here (for example the scrumptious cheesecake I ate on Wednesday night for dessert!!)

How gorgeous is that 3x4 card titled "so dreamy"?  It was PERFECT for documenting my desire to stay in bed on monday morning!!  And also a great opportunity to get a photo of my favourite bed linen!!  

Friday through Sunday of week 33 was awesome!!  I had quite a bit I needed to fit in to this one side all centred around our nephews.  I spent Friday morning at school with the boys.  They had grandparent's day and as my parents are overseas they invited their aunties - my little sister and I - to join them in celebrating this special relationship.    On Friday night Brad and I watched the boys in their basketball games.  Then Saturday saw John come to stay for the rest of the weekend...a weekend that was a hive of activity, we even had a chance to scrapbook together on Sunday morning!!  I love the little details I was able to add to help tell the story - the gold word stickers were a favourite in this kit for me.  Oftentimes less is more and I think that is the case when you have a super busy page.

Now I am a little proud of what I did here in that photo just above...I wanted to use the "US" card but didn't really have the room, not if I was going to use the grid patterned paper...and who was I kidding, I was definitely going to use that paper!  I punched the gold foil out with a 2" circle punch and it was perfect for sitting just over the bottom left of the photo.  The 3x4 white card with a massive circle cut out fell on top of the grid paper and softened it so much so that I knew I had to use it as it was.  Add a little kraft star and voila, happy accident turned effective PL card!

I hope you like what I've come up with for my week 33!  I really enjoyed working with the July Pocket Life Kit and will be back soon with a scrapbook layout or two using what I have left!  Visit the shop to get some for yourself!

Happy crafting!
Carol xo

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