Document December Album--the set up


Hiya Canaries!

Tis the season for documenting all our favourite parts of this crazy time of year, and today I'm sharing with you, a video that shows how I've set up my Document December Album.

Of course, I'm using the DD kit from Scrappy Canary (why the heck wouldn't I?! It's GORGEOUS!), and I've added a few little extras to the mix, to make the colour palette more aquas and yellows with hints of the traditional red and green.

Check it out:

I've kept the layout very easy to move around, and I'm sure, as I add photos in, I'll be switching things up, but for now I'm so happy to have managed to get this much done!

Now it's time to get those photos taken and printed out!

Back with more soon.

Merry Merry!

 Linda xx

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