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Good Afternoon! The sun is shining here in Victoria today and I am chomping at the bit to get outside and read. So I promise for all of our sakes, I shall keep today's post short, but sweet.

Today I will be showing you pages two through five. I'm still behind, but I am very proud to admit that no page has taken me longer than an hour. As you can see from this spread, I'm still digitally adding my numbers and staining my veneers. I didn't do prep pages, so when it came to making this page I pulled papers from the kit that I thought would match the roof of the house. It was just good fortune there was a 'Ticket Home' in the same colour in the kit - I wonder if that was deliberate.

This page took me all of five minutes. Mog woke up on the 5th to find tinsel ALL OVER her room. It was one of the most magical moments I experienced while she was living with us and I wanted to remember it just the way it happened. No need to go overboard on design. I did however cut up some of the tinsel to go in as memorabilia.

I'm still not a 100% sure I love this page. I love the photos, but the rest... The problem is if I start tinkering I could be there for hours. I don't mind that so much with my project life because I have a week or so to do it, but that's just not the case for December Daily and I promised myself: close enough is good enough (until I get to the end and then I'll come back and fix the things that drive me mad). I'm showing you now just in case I decide to change it in the future.

I do love this page. The colour scheme was pulled from the photo. If you are wondering why the music on the bottom card runs down instead of across - it isn't a mistake. This gorgeous paper is the B side to one of the amazing cut apart sheets in the kit. It was a torturous decision. I knew in my heart of hearts it was the right paper to use, but I took particular care to only cut up the cards I didn't like so much. The cute tag and sequin stars are all part of the kit too. I just vintaged (not a real word, but I'm going to use it anyway) it up with an old postal stamp I had on hand.

That about wraps it up for me. Don't forget you can still purchase this amazing December Daily kit right here, but if you want to wait till tomorrow when December's kit is released, I totally understand. Who wouldn't want the exclusive Amy Tangerine acrylic camera? I'm awfully glad my kit is already put aside for me. If you want to get a kit put aside for you too, all you have to do is subscribe right here.

Enjoy your weekend,

Aimee xx

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