Welcome 2014! Tips for Project Life from the Polly Team


Good Evening! It's Ruth here to welcome the new year with you! Are you thinking of starting Project Life in 2014? Perhaps you are a seasoned Project Lifer for years thinking about how to evolve and adapt for the new year?

From the team we have the following advice and ideas:

Carol's tip is to let your instinct guide your layout. It's ok to mix traditional 12x12 or 8.5x11 into your album. I love Carol's advice, you should trust yourself!

Include photos and/or stories from your extended family in your Project Life album. With family all over the world, I like to include little snippets from their lives too. I think it's important for my kids to feel a part of a wider family & world, and our family love to see themselves included in our spreads. I call it our "meanwhile in" photos. It's easy to do - get your family to send you photos of occasions; grab some photos from Facebook; I even take photos when we use FaceTime to chat. I just add them in throughout the year - perhaps if it's been an uneventful week for us or something special has occurred in their lives. It's my favourite kind of "filler" to use!
Make time. Make time to scrapbook. Its one thing to capture all the events and record them in little books and have them all organised and ready to create but unless you set aside time each week/month ( even if it is only an hour), those memories are just going to remain in the filing cabinet and the photos on the hard drive. Make the time to sit down and actually present your memories.You don't have to be "up to date" I never am, just make a conscious effort to be regular in whatever project you are doing. I am making an effort to commit at least 2 hours a week to project life, actually scrapbooking!
My advice is to embrace whatever works for you. That might be using routine to your advantage, pick the time and day that you are able to get the time and work on it every week then, or you might find that 10 minute blocks are the way forward for you. Don't stress about what you should do, and embrace what you can  do, because that is the secret to this kind of commitment, make it REAL, make it POSSIBLE and remember what motivates you to make the time to sit and scrapbook, so that you can use it to your advantage. Does mess stop you from creating? So try not to finish with a huge mess, so that you will come back for more soon, is it photo organising? Make a date with the computer to do that once every week or once every month, whatever will make it happen. Or try doing most of the photo processing and organising on your phone when on the train or waiting for the school pickup. Think ahead, think and plan NOW about how to tackle the bits you find the hardest and how to make the time for the things you enjoy the most.

Sandra's number 1 tip is that are no rules, you don't need to commit to doing it weekly or monthly, you can set your own timeline and include the pockets with your regular scrapbooking album when it suits you. Make it work for you

I hope you have found some great inspiration in these tips, we will be back soon with some sneaks, some wrap ups for the december memories albums and some great new layouts with the December kits and soon the January kits.

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