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Hi all you Polly! peeps,

Happy Sunday morning to you. If you are in Melbourne, I hope you are not melting! (currently melting myself as I type this!). Today it's my turn to share a Project Life spread that I made with the January Pocket Scrapbooking kit - Raspberry Shortcake. Such a gorgeous kit, full of beautiful papers & lots of embellishments to add to our Australian summer spreads. As you will see from my spread below, it looks completely different to Nae's gorgeous pastel spread that she shared here. It really does show how versatile these kits can be.

This is the LHS of my Week 3 spread for this year's Project Life. I must warn you - this was a full on week for us. It included an Earthquake; a heatwave; me taking 3 boys on an interstate flight that resulted in an emergency landing at the wrong airport; looking after 6 boys at my mum & dad's for 3 days; a wonderful reunion dinner & a trip back in time as we visited our childhood holiday spot. Everything on this page is from the kit, except for the 2nd 3x4 card from the left (more on that beauty later!) & the larger thickers. I also have used the stamp set from the Almond Biscotti Scrapbooking kit. This stamp set is PERFECT for Project Life, and I wanted to use it on every card/photo!

So, some details. Firstly, I have used an insert in this week, because as you can imagine, I had a few photos! But instead of using it to document a particular event, I have used it to add another column to the page. That's why I have photographed it together with the LHS spread.  I loved all the little embellishments - the enamel dots, the sequins (that I used to make the glass look filled with a cocktail!) & the flair. All of them are just simple touches to add to the spread. I also ventured into stamping directly onto some photos this week - I will admit, this made me nervous, but those little sayings from the Polly! stamp set were just perfect for this.

There is always a piece of paper that jumps out at me in every kit, and I always wish that I had more. So it was the striped paper from the Printshop collection that I was oohing & ahhing over. To make it last, I die cut quite a few shapes from it, so that I could use it on multiple cards throughout the spread.

The beginning of this week in Melbourne was a heatwave - so we had to do lots of indoor activities. For my 5 year old son, that means paper crafting & making cards for the albums. He has his own little stash & the bottom left photo shows him making some cards - the card on the right is one of his that he created that day. I love that he wants to be involved in our album, I love this card (and the colours matched perfectly for the spread) and I love the look on his face when he looks at the album & sees his cards included. Absolutely what Project Life is all about.

The RHS of the spread shows more of the same theme. Lots of sunshine & lots of water! Because the photos were so dominating, I decided just to make the spread quite simple. The striped paper pulls the spread together. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the work/play wood veneer in the kit. But to be honest, in January, we don't do a lot of work! It's all about PLAY. It suited our week of beach, playgrounds & skateparks perfectly!

And once again, I went for some simplicity on 3x4 cards. I loved that yellow star paper from Printshop, so decided to show it off through a die cut love heart. That sums up my feelings for that place - an Aunt & Uncles house on the lake that I have loved visiting for 30 years. My kids adored it & we had the most wonderful day. I also loved using the larger stamp from the scrap stamp set to create a journalling area. I just found the lightest piece of patterned paper and went for it. I really like how it turned out.

So, that's my Week 3 spread. Even though it is quite simple & not too bulky, I really like how it complements the photos.  And here's a little sneak peak of my Week 4 spread that I've also made with the patterned papers in the kit (did I mention that I LOVE the Printshop collection!). I told you, this kit is so versatile. It's hard to believe all these cards came from the same kit.


There are still a couple of kits available in the store here if you are tempted! It is so full of goodness.

Till next time, happy crafting!

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