Quickie Project Life catch-up


Hi there scrappy friends!

I'm here with a Project Life layotu today that came together SUUUPER quickly. and to be honest, given how many weeks behind I am, I need them all to be so fast.

This entire layout took me no more than an hour to put together (not including the messing around with printing or trimming photos, because I do that all in one big batch)

I'm determined to catch back up, AND use up a few of my older Polly! kits, that I've only got bits and pieces left of.  This entire layout was made using the (sadly sold-out) Jellybeans March Pocket Life Kit and a couple of project life grid cards as the base.

Now before I get to the layout, I wanted to show you my super organised, high-tech way of sorting my photos and any ephemera I collect for each week. Normally I use an envelope,, but today since I'm doing a big catch-up session, you can see the secret here:

 Yep, I wrap pieces of paper around everything and label it for each week. Mind Blown? You're welcome :)

Today's layout covers two weeks, since it was a pretty quiet time photo-wise.

I like my PL pages to be fairly simple and clean design-wise, because I a)can't deal with a really cluttered page (which is odd since I like a more cluttered look in my scrapbooking layouts), and b) because the time required to do a more complex page, simply isn't available to me (I'm typing this while I can  hear my 9 month-old squeaking and talking to herself in her crib. so much for a nap!)

If you tilt your head to the right you can see this better. Not sure why it's sideways. I swear I hadn't been drinking when I took this photo.

So to start, I lay out my photos and move them around till I'm happy with the balance of where they lay on the page, and then I added a base of PL grid cards,.

Then I start adding strips or squares of patterned paper on the larger 4x6 grid cards, and any 3x4 cards I want to add.

After I've adhered all of those down in place, I go back over and start embellishing. Labels and journalling spaces first, then stickers or embellishments and lastly journalling.

Here's the right hand page:

And a closeup, so you can see how cute Olivia looks eating corn. I mean, so you can see the embellishing I did. Nice and simple, allows the photos to be the star of the show.

Well that's it for me! Nice and fast to put together, I'll be doing more catch up later tonight I believe! I'll share that soon.

Hope to see you again!

Happy Scrapping!

Linda x

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