Project Life layout with Ruth: Repeat, Repeat and Repeat again


Hi, it's Ruth here with my week 21 spread, this month I mixed my Day Trip PL kit with my embellishment kit and just a few extras from the scrapbooking kit, and one thing I noticed immediately was that I really loved some of the embellishments that we got more than one of and decided to channel a bit of Ali Edwards and embrace the repetition in my journalling, my embellishments and my designs.
Repetition is great in your layouts as it makes everything feel consistant and intentional. You know it all goes together since there is something the same that repeats across the whole double spread. There are lots of ways to use repetition in your papercrafts, my recent post about using your punches shows one variation, this is another. Here you see I used the very noticeable "hello" speech bubble twice on each page, each time for a different title on my card, they are "hello week 21", "hello autumn leaves", "hello school pick up" and "hello us". The use of hello to tell my story is something that Ali has often done as an easy way to start the story. 
Another repeated element is the heart punches, which were leftover scraps but which I used as negative space in this layout to create another repeated design element. There are hearts in the die cuts and that creates a triangle of hearts, top left, bottom right and bottom left.
Most of the repeated elements are in 3s across the layout, some of them are more subtle and some more obvious. The gold lettering is repeated on both sides, as are the stars in wood and enamel.
Here are the full pages for each side, I try to include loads of photos but also have a lot of creative play too.
Finally here is the full spread, you can still get this awesome project life kit, Day Trip, in the Scrappy Canary shop.

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  1. I love this! Love the negative space that was used also! I save my pretty scraps for stuff like this too! I need to try this in my PL pages!


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