Valentines Day present wrapping by Chantelle


 Hello again everyone, Chantelle here with a picture tutorial.  I'm using up the left-over bits of paper from my Jan kit to create something special to add to your present wrapping!   Just in time for Valentines Day ♥♥♥
It's a paper bow and will make your present wrapping look wonderful.
 Follow along with the pictures and I'll explain along the way ☺

 Cut strips of paper; I've made them 2cm wide and various lengths.

 Also cut out a circle from plain white paper - we will use this as the backing for our paper bow.
 Staple the ends of the paper strip together.
 Add in a hole punch to each strip, close to the staple.
 Next you can assemble your bow.  I'm using a split pin or brad - starting from the top layer, add each strip.  Using a split pin will allow you to move the paper strips and position them to your liking. 
 Next I created a centre piece for the ribbon bow.  Using a strip of paper at least 12" long, I've cut into one side, creating a fringe.
 Use a skewer to wind the paper strip around and then glue together.

 Position the centre piece with glue and set aside to dry.
I've also glued the base and a paper doily to the bottom of the flower.  This will make it easy to attach to the wrapping paper of your present.

Next, wrap your present and gather up some twine.  I love using Kraft paper and jute.

 Add your paper bow to your present.  I've tied the length of jute around the box and added in the 'happy valentines day' tag - supplied with the Jan kit - Lots of Love.

And there you have your present all ready to go!  This is a fun way to use up left-over bits of paper you may have lying around.  You can make it any size and of course you could add more strips to make it even fuller.
I hope you will give it a try ☺ Happy Valentines Day ♥♥♥

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  1. Fabulous OTP idea! And simple to it:) Thanks for sharing:))

  2. This looks great!! very creative!


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