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Hello Polly! peeps, Ruth here today with a couple of layouts using the October scrapbooking kit. Both these layouts were created for an album I am making for my bestie, she travelled to England a while ago with her family and they have the most amazing photos. I offered the scrapbook her album for her because they are just so much fun to design pages around.

I would suggest you try it the next time someone important has a gorgeous pile of photos for you to use, whether they are wedding, travel or some other photos, but I have a few tips for the best strategy to make it a fullfilling experience and outcome for everyone.
I sat down with my bestie and NO PHOTOS! Yep you read that right, she had a million photos and it was simply overwhleming to look at them. We started from the memories instead. I told her there would be about 10 double and 2 single page spaces to use, so we needed about 10 stories about her trip. Then we talks about her favourite / important memories from the trip.

After we chatted for a while, I took notes and made 10 topic headings and then gave her a stack of Becky Higgins 3x4 project life grid cards. I asked her to write the story for each of these memories on as many cards as she needed, single sided.
Then we popped the cards in the album page protectors and after that we added appropriate photos. There were plenty to choose from and some were all about an event, and some could just have some favourite photos of relationships or people. It was a great system, though there was no actual scrapbooking products involved for a very long time.

At this point I can now look through the album and pick any of the page protectors to work from, with the photos and words already in there waiting for me. I decided to use the beautiful gold doily paper as a feature on the very front title page of the album, with the gorgeous English horizon behind. I loved the feature letterpress alphabet as a pop of red at the bottom.

The other page I decided to create as a double page layout, so I added a couple of sheets of Kraft cardstock to the kit from my stash. I used the ribbon to make a cool ruffled effect across the the top of both pages leading from the main photo and title across to the rest of the photos finishing the story.
It was pretty easy to do, I just added a little but of adhesive and stuck down about a thumb sized about of ribbon, then pinched it as I put down more adhesive and then pressed down the ribbon after the part I held pinched, I didnt measure it as I wanted it to be a quick and simple technique and not take ages.
I also used a lot of the stickers and veneer on this page, as the dark wood looked great with the farming background of the photos. Even the little girl cameo worked for this story as it was about a little girl.
You can see above the Project Life journalling cards I mentioned at the start. I loved being about to mix up my alphabets to make a longer title. In this case I put down the largest one first and then tucked the smaller letters around to make it fit in a way that looked pleasing.
I added some thread to the veneer buttons and used the asterisks from the sheet of thickers to give a sense of continuity and movement to the page. I also liked to have the arrows of the paper pointing the same way as the car is driving.
Here is the last cluster of embellishments in the bottom right corner, I used the themed stickers and just removed the themed words so that they would work for my page, then layered the veneers, some mist droplets and thicker punctuation over the top.
Here is the full double page spread, I like to do doubles fairly often so that I dont get out of practice with them, though I do love to scraplift my own previous designs or use one of the sketches from my favourite sketch artists at Scrapbook Generations. If you are nervous about the double pager I recommend checking them out, as far as I am concerned those girls are fantastic at double page scrapbooking! My style uses a little bit more "stuff" than their clean lines tend to, but the sketches are fantastic.
That is it from me today. The October kit sold out like a flash, but the november one will be out soon (reveal is less than a week away!) so if you want to secure your kit, hop over to the shop and subscribe, otherwise you can grab one at 8pm on the 15th when they go live on the site.

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