Spinning Wool, Dawn and getting serious about the details with the March Spearmint Leaves Kit


Hello, it's Ruth here with a share of several layouts from the March Spearmint Leaves kit, this one sold out quick but if you are itching for a great scrapbooking kit, then there are still a few April French Kiss scrapbooking kits in store and you can also sign up for the subscription to get goodies delivered to you every month without any effort at all.
This month's kit included a few things that can stretch further than these layouts, particularly the sticker book which is simply PACKED with stickers, I used them with total abandon on this layout, bordering the top and bottom with them in a bright profusion of colour, yet there are still simply tonnes more to use. I am trying to make as many layouts as I can with my kits, to show how far they stretch and because I loved Gypsy's guest post earlier in the year where she made so many that I was super inspired.
The other item that will last beyond the rest of the kit (in my opinion anyone), is the FULL packet of wood veneer stars that is included, though I didn't actually use it on this particular layout, it will show up further down the post.

My second layout is on a kraft base, I alternate between loving a neutral cardstock to start from and loving a patterned paper to begin. I see from these two layouts that I must be leaning towards the neutral start at the moment, it is so funny how you can see trends in your own crafting much better when you stop and look at the last few things you made, because while I am creating I often am oblivious to such things!

This layout is about the bridal shower I went to for my sweet cousin Kate, who is the kind of hostess I wish I were but am pretty certain I will never be. She really gets how to make the details into reality, she thinks it through and works on all those little touches that combine to make quite the experience. Her bridal shower tea was like walking into pinterest for an afternoon of doily banners, layer plates of goodies, chalkboards with peg banners for us to leave her a recipe on and lovely sweet sequin sprinkles. Very girly fun.
The last one (so far), heavy on my beloved Amy Tangerine, is about our visit to a local show that is a bit like a low key Easter Show, with animals, rides and showbags, cuddling baby chicks and learning about the country. I love these city kids of ours to get a regular glimpse at where things come from, touching animals and seeing how things are made from scratch, otherwise it can be such a bizarre world where everything comes from the supermarket with no context at all.
On a purely swooning about Amy Tangerine note.. how delicious is this paper? It was almost a painful thing to cover it up at all. I wish I could buy 10 sheets of it and use it till I was sick of the sight of it.. but I wont, I will just enjoy the loveliness of the one that I got and be satisfied. This layout did include some of the 6x6 papers from the PL kit too, they were all chopped up and sitting in front of me, I simply couldnt resist adding them while I was creating!
So there are three layouts from the March kit, with the hope that I will have a few more to share when I next have a moment to create. I still have simply heaps left to create with, a full untouched sheet and lots of partial sheets, my amy acrylics, lots of thickers, cork, lots of stickers and stars still plus more. What a jam packed kit!

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