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Hi Canaries!

Kate here with a beginners tutorial on how to use your stamps for embossing & produce some fabulous results. If you are new to us here at Scrappy Canary, here's a link to a post I did in February with some other stamping tips.

Here's some links to where I've used embossing in my Project Life projects recently. This one here from last month, and this one from earlier this year. As you can see, I love a bit of white embossing powder!! I always find myself reaching for my embossing equipment when the papers in the kit are bright. Not sure why - bright colours seems to be a trigger for me to emboss! And Christmas. I love to do it on Christmas spreads, layouts & cards.

Here's a card I made today with some gold embossing powder on vellum & using the papers from the September Strawberry Field Pocket Life kit. I could also see using this tag with some Christmas papers & sentiment for a lovely, yet easy, card to mass produce.

So first things first - here is a photo of the tools that you will need to do this technique. Yes, it requires an investment - but they last a LONG time! Everything you see in this photo (except the stamps) is over 7 years old.

So, from left to right. Firstly, you need a Heat Gun. I purchased mine from Stampin' Up many years ago. It is great quality & I'm confident it will last me a long time. I'm sure you could also buy one at Spotlight using a coupon. Next up you need a Versamark ink pad (it's clear & very sticky!!), an embossing buddy & some embossing powders. I only own 5 embossing powders (2 x white, clear, black & gold). You can get them in every colour of the rainbow, but I haven't felt the need. Personally, my favourites brands are Filigree & Stampin' Up. I like how they feel & the results are very clear. I find the Zing powder a bit "chunky" looking!! And you'll also need some stamps.

So moving onto the how to. It's a few easy steps, but I suggest that you plan to a few projects while you have all the gear out! Once you get going, it doesn't take too long. It's also a lovely touch on mass produced cards, like Christmas cards or wedding invites.

Step 1: Cover the surface with powder from the embossing buddy. The embossing buddy is a nifty little tool! It covers the surface in a very fine residue, which stops the embossing powder from sticking to any fingerprints or smudges that might be on the paper. You don't want to forget this step!! (and yes I have many, many times!!). You can also see in the top photo that when using embossing powder, I always place my project on some thin scrap paper that is folded in half (more on that later). 

Step 2: Stamping in versamark ink. As you can see in the photo above, it stamps clear & just makes the paper appear darker where it has been stamped. It's a nice way to get tone on tone stamping if that is what you are after.

Step 3: Cover the image COMPLETELY with embossing powder. As you can see, I really do mean cover it. Don't worry - a little bit of powder goes a long way! You'll get most of that powder back. You can repeat this step a few times if parts of the stamping are missed by the embossing powder. The Versamark ink stays wet for quite a while, so you don't need to rush.
Step 4: Pick up your card stock & shake, bang, whatever you do to remove the powder. Re-do step 3 if you need to. I find tapping the paper onto the desk nice and firmly gets rid of all the powder that hasn't stuck to the ink. This is the step where you will see if you forgot to use the embossing buddy. Sorry - you'll just have to start again!

Step 5: Slide all that excess powder over to the fold in the paper. Pick up the paper folded & use it as a funnel to put the powder back in the container. Yes, you can buy a special piece of equipment for this, but me, I find scrap paper works just fine. Tip: Remember to change the paper if you change your embossing powder colour. You don't want to mix them up. Once again, you can ask me how I know that one!!

Step 6: Hold your heat gun approximately 15 cm in front of your paper. I like to hold it in my fingers (but it can get hot sometimes!!). You could use tweezers or something. Heat for approximately 1 minute or until all the powder has crackled & melted together to form a solid, dimensional shape. When done, it will appear shiny & raised.

Step 7: Use them in a project!! Have fun - experiment! Emboss on different materials. Below is a sample using gold. The vellum label on the left has the stars stamped in gold ink. The vellum tag on the right is using gold embossing powder. Yes, it does take longer but the difference is amazing. I LOVE embossing on vellum. It looks stunning in real life. 

I use embossing when I want white sentiments on bright paper. Or gold. Or on vellum. Or when I want to add some dimension. This is particularly noticeable on gift cards. 

And here's that tag in action again.

I hope you've enjoyed my beginners tutorial, and that you might give embossing a go!!

Feel free to leave any questions on the blog or in our VIP room on Facebook.

Till next time,


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