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Hi there Polly! Peeps!!

I'm so excited to be here today with my first post as an official DT member *polishes DT badge*

I thought I'd whip up a cute layout using the May Palm Tree kit. SUCH lovely colours, and who doesn't love pretty colours, gorgeous embellishments and fun alphas? Ruth always does such a rockstar job putting these kits together!

So here's my page:

I went in with a few spray mists (gold and pink from Heidi Swapp), and did some misting, "drippage" and splatters. For the "drippage", I sprayed the mist, while holding the patterned paper up, then added some water that had been mixed with a little perfect pearls, (and sprayed that too)

Once that was dry (heat tool to the rescue!) I got my photo, and laid it on the paper, then proceeded to add smaller-than-the-photo sized pieces of patterned paper from the kit. I folded them up on the edges, changed the sizes of each piece, and even did a couple of strips towards the bottom in the grey diagonal stripe (you can only see it peeking out the bottom in the photo) and that gorgeous dark navy blue paper.

Then I added my embellies tucked all over the page, and I cut up the acrylic tag, to use the bottom half (with the quote) at the top of my page, and made it into a tag-top, to tuck in behind the other tags I hand-cut.

Here are a couple of close-up shots

The gold will dry better than the splatters are showing here, I took the shot not long after they'd been added, so they still showed that funny little ghost-ring around them.

For that little LOVE LOVE embellishment, I cut the bottom strip of that paper off, and though you can't see it, the pink LOVE piece actually only shows about 1/3 of the word (the pattern runs off the bottom of the paper). By tucking it in behind the green, I get to use it without it looking weird.

I love using up every little centimetre of paper that I can. By not wasting a whole LOVE word (and therefore taking up more of the paper), I've saved myself a huge chunk of paper, that I'll be able to use on another layout.

As you can see here, those two aqua/black tags, are handcut, and I used the bottom couple of centimetres of that patterned paper again. I simply trimmed a strip about 3cm high (along the total length of the bottom of the page), and by flipping one over, I get the mirrored effect with the colours.  Again, by tucking these in behind other pieces of patterned paper, I've managed to give the effect of a whole tag being there, when really it's just a few centimetres.

Even the hot-pink border piece around the left and top, isn't an entire piece of 12 x 12.  I cut a border (like a big letter L), then attached that on to a piece of plain white cardstock that I've used for my base, before adding the starburst background paper. (I also use the white cardstock because it helps my main background paper to sit flat, after all that misting and drippage made it curl up and warp).

Well, that's it for me today! I hope you like! It's always great when I can get a whole layout using very little patterned paper, just by being a bit crafty with how I cut it and position it on the paper.

See you again soon! Can't wait to see what you all make from this month's kits. They're seriously awesome.

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  1. Love your first layout for the team Linda.. it looks so sweet..


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